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Born from the driver’s need for increased efficiency, safety, and comfort. Purpose-built to redefine what a highway truck should be.

Red 57X Chassis pulling a trailer on the highway.


Introducing the 57X, the newest member of the Western Star X-Series family and the most advanced and driver-focused highway truck we’ve ever built.


Built on a history of toughness and equipped with technology, comfort, safety and efficiency that rewards you every time you get behind the wheel and when you check your bottom line.



Safety and technology as advanced as its design.

57X truck with blue laser lines illustrating Detroit Assurance technology.

See Detroit Assurance in Action.

From anticipating traffic slowdowns to protecting blind spots to keeping trucks in their lanes, Detroit Assurance® Suite of Safety Systems has the technology to help improve safety and uptime.

State-of-the-Art Safety from Detroit

The 57X comes equipped with the entire Detroit Assurance® Suite of Safety Systems, the most advanced safety technology in the industry. The suite features a number of safety-improving technologies, which you can learn more about right here.

Active Brake Assist 5

Active Brake Assist 5 detects distance and speed to moving and stationary objects in its path and determines if braking is necessary. It’s the only system on the market that works down to 5 MPH*, making it ideal for travel in congested urban areas. It also recognizes pedestrians who are about to cross in the truck’s path, alerting the operator while partially braking, followed by full braking if the operator does not react.

*with Detroit® DT12® transmission

Adaptive Cruise Control To 0 MPH And Tailgate Warning

Detroit Assurance technology enables state-of-the-art features such as Adaptive Cruise Control to 0 MPH to ease driving in stop-and-go traffic, as well as help mitigate front and rear collisions.

Brake Hold Mode

Whether stopped in heavy traffic or for any other reason, this state-of-the-art feature can keep a truck* stopped when the driver removes their foot from the brake. Brake Hold Mode can be engaged by pressing the brake pedal all the way down. It automatically disengages when the driver accelerates.

*with DT12 Transmission

Lane Keep Assist

Lane Keep Assist reads and tracks lane markers to help drivers keep their trucks centered in their lane.

Lane Departure Protection

This safety feature detects when a truck drifts out of its lane and then actively steers it back on course.

Side Guard Assist

A game changer for safety, Side Guard Assist detects objects on the passenger side of the truck and alerts the operator.

Active Side Guard Assist

This industry leading technology detects and actively prevents the truck from making a right turn into moving cyclists and pedestrians in urban situations.

Durable and Expansive Windshield

  1. FIELD OF VISION – Delivers best-in-class field of vision thanks to a surface area that’s 28% larger than our previous product offering, making it one of the largest windshields in its class.
  2. ONE-PIECE DESIGN – One-piece, roped-in design enhances the field of vision with an unobstructed view, while providing easy replacement in case of damage.
  3. IMPACT RESISTANCE – Optional TufGlass impact-resistant windshield is 2.5x more resistant to damage, reducing repair costs and downtime.
  4. SOLAR TINTED GLASS – Standard solar tinted glass reduces heat in the cab, improving operator comfort.
  5. WIDER WIPER ZONE – 24-inch wiper blades that cross over the centre of the glass for a 37% improved wiper zone, giving operators greater visibility and a more unobstructed view.

Dual Stage Intelligent LED Headlights

  1. Impact Resistance – High-impact polycarbonate lenses with additional hard coating protection to prevent cracking, scratching or damage to the headlight from rocks or road debris.
  2. Heated Lens – Optional Dual Stage intelligent heat grids to melt away ice and in humid environments, eliminate condensation, in minutes.
  3. Integrated Amber DRL – Integrated amber daytime running lights that double as turn signals, making the truck more visible to oncoming traffic.
  4. Wide Illumination – LED output is designed to fully illuminate the road, including off to the sides of the vehicle, to reduce eye fatigue while letting operators detect objects sooner.


Not all seat combinations are shown.

Base Seat in Charcoal Black
Base Seat in Quarry Grey colour
X-Series Premium seat in Charcoal Black Diamond style
X-Series Premium seat in Quarry Grey Diamond style
X-Series Premium seat in Timber Brown Diamond style
X-Series Premium seat in Charcoal Black Mordura style
X-Series Premium seat in Quarry Grey Mordura style
X-Series Premium seat in Timber Brown Mordura style

The Dash


This is how cab life is supposed to feel.

Mid Roof


Stratosphere High Roof
Available in Mid Roof


Driver's Lounge

Eat, work, relax and recharge with our optional Drivers Lounge, which features a two-seat dinette and work table, which folds down into a comfortable sleeping area when it’s time to call it a day.


Large wardrobe, microwave and refrigerator cabinets for excellent storage.

Sleeping Options
Both single bed and dual bunk options are available to meet your needs.

Large 31.5″ x 22″ sleeper windows available on 60″ and 72″ sleepers.

Optional Espar and Webasto heaters are available for increased heating in more extreme environments.

HVAC System
Optional idle-free battery operated dual HVAC system provides up to 10 hours of cooling or 34 hours of heating, with upper bunk vent for enhanced climate control.

Standard LED lighting creates a well lit and inviting space with minimal battery draw.

Optional premium and extreme climate insulation for maximum comfort.

Optional factory-installed power inverters and prewire options.


Get the details on the highway truck created to change the way people think about highway trucks.

1. BBC: 128.5″

2. WB: Up to 361″

3. BA: 54.5″

  • 12″ daycab and 24″ sleeper side extenders with black flexible ends
  • 72″ and 60″ mid-roof aero roof fairing
  • Daycab aero roof fairing or adjustable aerodynamic deflector
  • Chassis side fairings with black flexible skirts
  • Optimized drive wheel fairings
  • Flow below mold-in colour wheel covers
  • Detroit® DD13® Gen 5, 370-525 HP, 1250-1850 lb-ft
  • Detroit® DD15® Gen 5, 425-505 HP, 1550-1850 lb-ft
  • Detroit® DD16® 500-600 HP, 1850-2050 lb-ft
  • Detroit® DT12® On-Highway Series
  • Eaton Fuller Manual 10- 13- 18-speed
  • 7.0MM X 88.0MM X 279.0MM STEEL FRAME (0.28″X3.46″X10.98″) 120 KSI
  • 8.0MM X 88.0MM X 281.0MM STEEL FRAME (0.31″X3.46″X11.06″) 120 KSI
  • 11.0MM X 85.0MM X 287.0MM STEEL FRAME (0.43X3.35X11.30 INCH) 120 KSI
  • Intuitive and simple to use PTO control system that makes programming easy
  • Optional Factory installed transmission PTO’s available


Detroit® 12,000-14,700 lbs
Meritor 12,000-13,300 lbs
Hendrickson STEERTEK NXT 12,000-13,300 lbs


Detroit® single 21,000-23,000 lbs
Detroit® tandem 40,000-46,000 lbs
Meritor single 21,000-23,000 lbs
Meritor tandem 40,000-46,000 lbs
Dana tandem 46,000 lbs


Taperleaf 12,500-14,600 lbs
AirLiner® 12,500-13,300 lbs
Hendrickson AIRTEK 12,500-13,300 lbs


AirLiner® single 21,000-23,000 lbs
AirLiner® tandem 40,000- 46,000 lbs

Drum Brakes
Air Disc Brakes
WABCO® Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and optional Hill Start Aid and Traction Control

57X Brochure

57X Brochure


Aluminum 25″ cylindrical, plain or polished
LH/RH 60-150 gallon (227-568 liter)
LH and RH split fuel/hydraulic tank options available


13- and 23-gallon (49- and 87-liter)


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57X Brochure

57X Brochure

57X Tech Sheet

57X Tech Sheet

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