We make it easy for you to get in the truck you need with financing package that works for you.

Whether you drive a highway tractor or a vocational truck, financing with us will become the kind of experience you’ll want to repeat.

Financing Options

Financing your equipment is one of the biggest choices you have to make when it comes to purchasing your new truck. Our in-house finance team makes it easy for you to get the financing package that’s best for you. Unlike most commercial banks, you’ll find that through our financing partner, Daimler Truck Financial, we have the ability to modify our finance and lease programs to best suit your unique needs.

Be sure to talk with our Finance Manager, Taylor, to learn about our options and how we can best support you and your financing needs!

This convential way of financing equipment provides you with peace of mind for your monthly budget with the following benefits:

  • fixed monthly payment for the entire term of the loan
  • locked-in interest rate
  • no early payout or pre-payment penalties

As part of our Conditional Sale Contract, we can offer even more options and flexibility to meet your specific needs. Some of our Irregular Payment Financing options are:

  • balloon taxes in the fourth payment
  • seasonal and skip payments
  • balloon payment at the end of term
  • accelerated payments

From a cash-flow standpoint, leasing can be an attractive way to secure the financing for your equipment. Through our financing partner, we can provide you with multiple leasing benefits:

  • lower monthly payment than typical financing
  • full disclosure of payment terms and options
  • residual known in advance, at time of lease contract
  • fixed payments

The leasing option is typically the most affordable option in terms of monthly payments and may be a financial advantage for many truck operators.

This unique lease program, available to fleet customers only, meets many of the key requirements of today’s fleet business:

  • lower monthly payments
  • guaranteed residual by Daimler Trucks North America which ultimately reduces your exposure
  • potentially qualifies as an Operating Lease

Ask our Finance Manager how these unique Option Lease benefits can be applicable to you!

The shorter the term, the lower the rate. The Flex Program is designed for eligible Fleet and Commercial customers and, depending on your down payment, you could be eligible for even lower rates. Speak with our Finance Manager today!

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Let us find the perfect financing package for you.

    Prefer to talk in person, Reach out to our Financing Manger Taylor Cooke at 780-292-1684