Now featuring & Rhino hide aluminium protection 

Corporate Image 

We offer a detailed inside & out cleaning service. Does your truck need to be brought back to life?  Bring it to us and we will have it shinning inside & out.

Have a new driver coming on board and the previous drivers smoked or had a dog? We can deal with either.

Driver Retention 

The driver market is so tight today, even the smallest benefit can make a difference for a driver. A clean truck adds to driver satisfaction.

Truck and fleet owners understand the need for clean vehicles. Not only does a clean vehicle positively impact your brand but it protects your investment as well.

Headlight Restoration 

We use a very unique five-step process to restore your headlights

From a quick clean to a complete detail Western Star is a one-stop for all your truck needs.

What Can You Expect from Your Semi-Truck Detailing?

Semi-truck and sleepers detailing is an intensive process that can include interior and exterior detailing depending on your needs. Interior detailing is especially important in sleeper trucks which serve as temporary, mobile sleeping quarters for drivers. As living spaces, they’re subject to even more of the staining and spills associated with other vehicle types. This can make for unpleasant smell, driving experience and more serious wear and tear. With our interior packages, we’re able to restore even the most hard used sleepers to their former glory. Our Ozone Generator add on is especially good for ridding cabs of any unpleasant smells during the semi-truck detailing.